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Why I haven't updated Pixapocalypse yet

2013-01-28 03:51:36 by ddewerg

I am sorry for not having improved Pixapocalypse since the first release. I have encountered bug after bug, and with each solved bug, two more appear, it is like a hydra. I have given it some thought, and I will start from scratch, now that I have some idea what I am doing (The release on here is the result of my first 3 days using flash...). I will keep my base .fla file, and preserve the menu, but the game itself is going to be completely recoded. Hopefully, I shall have a release in a week, but I am starting school tomorrow, and may be short of time to do stuff with the game. Again, I am terribly sorry for those who were waiting for an update, it could be a while!


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